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Four-vessel Mashing System

Turnkey projects, centralized CIP station, a reasonable balance ofconsumption.

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★ Turnkey projects, centralized CIP station, a reasonable balance ofconsumption.

★ Mashing tun / Boiling tun. Steam heating, with a reasonable jacket and mixingdevice, to ensure the heating rate while avoiding coking, saving steam;small area occupation, large volume capacity improves the overall efficiency of thesystem.

★ Lauter tun / Whirlpool tun: Easy assembly, with detachable combination of arableknife and sieve plate to achieve better stirring effect. Increase the diameter of the central cylinder to improve the effect of stirring and drain rate. The wort outlet is designed according to dynamic study which enables the collection of wort to be faster and more homogeneous. The design on the bottom of whirlpool tun is in line with the characteristic of the sink trub, which separate the clear wort and turb well. 

★ Customization of combination of Mashing tun / Boiling tun / Lauter tun / Whirlpool tun.

★ The whole set of equipment is made of SUS304, precisely manufactured, the surfaceroughness of the tank is 0.4µm, and the outer surface roughness of the tankis 0.8µm.

★ Cooling: dimple jacket cooling, fully TIG welding.

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